Warranty Explained


A warranty is a manufacturer’s guarantee to repair your kit if something goes wrong. Some restrictions apply – so it’s important to know what is and isn’t covered under the warranty, and how long it lasts for.

How long is the warranty?

Your warranty is 0-12 months depending on what you had chosen to purchase as your manufacturer's warranty. This applies to the kit itself, but the battery has a different warranty due to its decreasing life expectancy depend on use. Your battery will have a 100 day warranty regardless if you purchase a 6-12 month warranty.

Software Problems are covered.
Device keeps crashing is covered.
(But if the device is found to been dropped and the screen has blown this is not covered)
SCREEN - if your screen has become
Unresponsive and shows no accidental damage this is covered.
SOUND ISSUES: These are covered under your warranty.

What isn't covered by the warranty?

The warranty is there to repair manufacturing faults. If your kit 'stops working', or doesn't work properly, then you can take it back to the Tech Hero for us to fix under the warranty. Signs of physical damage might void the warranty, so keeping it in a protective case will help keep it safe.

Here are some of the common hardware problems that can stop your kit being covered by a manufacturer warranty
"I dropped/smashed my device"

Your warranty won't cover you for accidental damage. This also includes if the device has any crack or lines down the lcd that are “unexplainable” as we cannot prove this was not accidental damage. This includes any damage to the screen or phone/other tech in general from it being dropped or knocked against anything.

Cosmetic wear and tear is also not covered – so if you keep the phone in your pocket or bag with keys or change, you may want to consider getting a case or cover for extra protection.

If your phone's screen does get broken or cracked, then it's not completely useless. If you get your screen replaced by us any remaining warranty will still be valid should you need a repair later on. Or, you can make some money back from a damaged phone by trading it in, even if the screen is completely smashed.

"My phone/tablet got wet"

Any kind of water, liquid or moisture damage will void your warranty – even if your kit was still working after the exposure occurred.
This is because moisture damage is not always immediate, and can take months to affect your kit. Most devices these days have a moisture indicator inside them that lets the manufacturer check for water damage.
With kit with a removable back cover, you can sometimes see these yourself: they look like small white stickers on and around the battery. If these turn pink, it means your phone has come into contact with moisture – and your warranty is void.


Lost or stolen is also not covered under warranty.