Terms And Conditions

  1. You must inspect your device upon collection any defaults once you leave the store not linked to your original repair tech hero cannot be accountable for.

  1. All refurbished technology comes with a 0-12 month warranty.

  1. All repairs come with a 100 day warranty unless purchased the extended warranty. 

  1. Liquid damaged repairs have no warranty. Please check your device at the time of collection. 

  1. Your manufacturer's warranty may have void after this repair. 

  1. If the same fault appears again during the warranty period. We will fix it without any charge. 

  1. If the same fault appears again during the warranty period by physical or accidental damage this is classed as a new repair. 

  1. If you are not entirely satisfied by the job with us, please contact us ASAP, so we 

can rectify the issues and make sure you are satisfied. 

  1. We do not offer refunds, only a repair or replace service. 

  1. Some repairs may bring up other issues we will highlight this at the point of discovery this does not mean it’s a fault caused by the technician although any faults caused by us we will repair free of charge.

  1. Extended warranty on screens only covers manufacturing faults such as faulty touch and faulty lcd this does not cover bleeding lcds and any extended warranty is void once the screen is physically/accidentally damaged.

  1. Repairs that are sent to our technology lab can have extended waiting times we cannot give exact time on repairs only a guideline please understand this and only agree to send away if happy with the possible delays. 

  1. Phone unlocking can take up to 30 days please be aware of this and accept the possible days before purchase.

14.Data loss can occur during any repair process although unlikely please back up said device before proceeding. 

  1. All refurbished products require a £30 deposit before ordering/holding.

  1. Prices of repairs can fluctuate due to the cost of parts also fluctuating.